May 14, 2014

BLACK CODE "Hanged, Drawn And Quartered"

Artist: Black Code
Title: Hanged, Drawn and Quartered
Label: Tanker Records, Impure Muzik,Svoboda Records, Crustatombe, Subversive Ways, Deviance, Maloka, Ravachol Prod, Bes-AK47 Records, Dream Comes True, Dingleberry Records, Blackout Brigade, Kanivo Chaos
Format: LP
Country: France
Year of release: 2012

Black Code is a french crust-metal band, formed in February 2011. 
"The lyrics comment on corrupt politicians, false satanists, drinking beer, puking beer out of your ass, refusal of working so you can get drunk all day, and then again more satanism.  The band seem like a bunch of mean rowdy drunks that get off on being “more evil than thou”. Vocals hit the mid and deep range, and musically, this is all out crusty thrash metal with dual guitars and a very competent drummer." by Profane Existance
A1 Death Patrol
A2 Anthropophagic Terror Machine
A3 Atomic Gig Cemetary
A4 Captain ACAB
A5 Superior Evil
B1 Shitstorm
B2 Bastards
B3 Warm Beer & Broken Teeth
B4 Horses Will Tear Us Apart
B5 Bestrafen
B6 Black Man's Blues

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March 24, 2014



Artist: Vitriolic Response
Title: Follow The Herd
Label: Rejected Abused, Strongly Opposed Records, Death Trap Records, Mad-Ucer Records
Format: EP
Country: UK
Year of release: 2013

Vitriolic Response are politically charged, simple dark crust punk band from UK. Their music sounds strongly influenced by Extinction of Mankind, Aus Rotten and such. 
Follow The Herd comes in folded sleeve with lyrics printed inside. Vynil itself is dark green color. Artwork is simple in a good way, giving you the nostalgia of old school releases, from the time of Crass, Aus-Rotten, etc.

Follow The Herd
False Facade
The Tide Will Turn
Vitriolic Response

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EXTREME NOISE ERROR - When The American Dream Is Over

Artist: Extreme Noise Error
Title: When The American Dream Is Over
Label: State-Fucker Records
Format: LP
Year of release: 2010

Extreme Noise Error originated in the 80's in depths of Gröningen (Netherlands). After the split up three members formed band called Mushroom Attack and later on Fleas and Lice.
When The American Dream Is Over is a discography consisting of their one and only demo release (When The American Dream Is Over), rehearsal tracks and live recordings from Appeltjes (Antwerp, 21.02.88). LP contains booklet with lyrics.
Extreme Noise Error were anarcho crust punk squatters and you have to be blind and deaf not to see they were influenced by Extreme Noise Terror. They had political lyrics against American capitalistic imperialism, McDonald's, the porn industry, animal abuse, Disneyland, war, etc.
LP was released in ltd number of 100 copies, so don't wait up much.


When The American Dream Is Over
A1 Mc Donalds
A2 Sexism
A3 Consuming Moron
A4 Civilised Shit
A5 You Stink
A6 Honour Pride And Heroism/Disneyland/War Is Profit
A7 Psychoterror War
A8 Le Pen
A9 Those Who Kill
A10 Gietema
A11 Piss Off
A12 Porno Stinx
A13 Sick
A14 Pet Killing
A15 Vivisection
A16 Bloodsport
A17 Arbeiter

A18 Vivisection
A19 Bloodsport
A20 Mc Donalds
A21 Civilised Shit

Live In 1000 Appeltjes, Antwerpen, 21.02.88
B1 Vivisection/Animal Abuse
B2 Bloodsport
B3 Sexism
B4 Macdonalds
B5 System Shit
B6 Le Pen
B7 Honour Pride And Heroism/Disneyland
B8 War Is Profit
B9 Civilised Shit
B10 Anti-Born In The USA Song
B11 Arbeiter
B12 Hippie Song

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DESCENT TO HELL "Our Cross To Bear"

Artist: Descent To Hell
Title: Our Cross To Bear
Label: Death Trap Records
Format: LP
Country: Netherlands
Year of release: 2010

For those who do not know who exectly Descent To Hell were: a crust punk band from Groningen in the netherlands. They were a compilation of ex-members and current members of bands like fleas and lice, makiladoras, ex-cathedra, mushroom attack, machine gun etiquette and many more. Influence of previously listed bands can be heard through this LP, which is anything but bad. When buying this LP you get (besides the vynil itself) a lyrics inlay sheet and A2 poster.

No Reason
Positively Negative
Countdown Begun
The Misery
Descent To Hell
Onehundred More
Reliving The Scorn
Naive To Believe

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